Thursday, May 19, 2016

UPSHIFT The Movie Trailer - ISYS100

There is an underground world of street racers and car enthusiasts that come out at night at   Macquarie Uni. The leader of this illegal group, is the King of Macquarie (Jacob). He is untouchable, and wins all the races he partakes in and takes the pink slip (ownership) of his opponents’ cars. A new guy joins the group and is also winning all his races. His name is Arman, and he believes he can beat the king of Macquarie and become the new leader the king of Macquarie.
 This video is a trailer, and was produced as part of an assignment for ISYS100.

Explanation Of Group Members’ Contributions:
 - Portrayed the character “King of Macquarie”
 - Responsible for producing the video.
 - Was the director, and organised the group.

 - Portrayed all the other characters in the video.
 - Responsible for filming and camera angles.
 - Responsible for organising multiple vehicles used in the clips.

 - Portrayed the character of “Arman, the new king of Macquarie”
 - Responsible for audio selection
 - Composed the script.

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