Friday, July 25, 2014

Lamborghini Huracan

Huracan had a body similar to the Lamborghini Aventador, using hybrid chassis, between carbon and aluminum, with 1,422 tonnes dry weight, power-to-weight is a very nice 2,33 hp/ton, with a 5.2-liter V10 Engine, removing the power of 610 hp at rpm and peak torque of 8.250 560 Nm at 6,500 rpm. engine fuel is better than Gallardo, Lamborghini Huracan with the ideal choice in many fields, among others, STRADA, SPORT and CORSA. factory production facilities with a Lamborghini in Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lamborghini Aventador Special World Cup 2014 that yesterday

Lamborghini Aventador have significance in yesterday's World Cup games in the country of Brazil. in the Lamborghini Aventador specials that there are pictures of Lionel Messi of Argentina, Mesut Ozil from Germany, Andres Iniesta of Spain, Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal, Luis Suarez of Uruguay, Ian Vertoghen from Belgium and Wesley Sneijder of the Netherlands. Here is a picture of the Lamborghini Aventador Special World Cup 2014 that yesterday with

Lamborghini Huracan was elected in the new Xbox game

Lamborghini new gaming proceeds to Huracan creations Turn 10 Studios of Microsoft, Forza 2 's Horizon is part of Forza Horizon. The Model will be on Xbox game this is the color of the legendary Lamborghini LP Huracan Midas yellow 4-610. Forza 2 releases on the Horizon this fall exclusively to the Xbox and Xbox 360, One with news sources from Google.

The mysterious allure of matte black Lamborghini Roadster Veneno

A fan of the super car is definitely no stranger to the world's most expensive roadster, this car has a mysterious beauty behind black, because it is becoming attraction for the fans.

Unique And Charming Marches Of Lamborghini

Car Brand Lamborghini never failed in seeking attention for anyone who saw marches Lamborghini car, Lamborghini because it has the allure of a beautiful and charming in this year.

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster was a car racing or sport with the most beautiful art in the world of modikasi, because this car from the creation of an expert music also famous painters of the French State, Duaiv. This car also fits in well with the Airbrush modification, this is because the Aventador Lamborghini Roadster body posture itself.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Koenigsegg is a super sport car with super speed good time drove drove. Koenigsegg is reliable in the car racing circuit in this year. Koenigsegg uses a turbo-powered machine with a special formula. founder Christian von Koenigsegg cars is, in 1994.

Koenigsegg has the latest title, the first worldwide mega car. Agera One, a car that uses V8 engine with a power capacity of 5,000 cc cylinder with twin-turbo charged power maximum power or the power of dk 1.341 horses.

Koenigsegg cars can be adapted to the road through GPS technology. The driver can also learn car telemetry for using 3 g connection that comes from car data to existing iPhone applications this time. This article by author Amora Weist as the email address Thank you very much.

Interior and exterior Kia Carnival

The appearance of four-wheeled cars Kia Carnival Diesel Power comes from a V6 engine, 3300 cc diesel, direct injection is stable. seating can be fold flat. with four features, geo-fencing, speed alert, alert and curfew, driving score. Alternatively, surround view mirrors that could see the State of the camera around in pairs on a car body, are you interested?

Jeep 2015

Jeep theme with Pirlo miniserie releases the Wizard. for the year 2015 is the latest product release Jeep All New 2015 Renegade, using Fiat 500L, wheel drive system with AWD (All Wheel Drive) and Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) car, Jeep Renegade 2015 All New type suited for people who love adventure in the wild terrain, this product with the name of the famous title once, Baby Jeep. This Jeep car with petrol engine option 4 Multi Air Multi Jet II, two diesels and flex-fuel engines e. torQ.

The All New Jeep Interior 2015 Renegade with entertainment system and Uconncet with a screen size of 5 inches and 6.5 inches. the appearance of Dashbor there is the screen size 7 inches, with full facilities as following, USB, AUX, HD Radio, and Bluetooth. some time ago the Jeep with the latest edition of the Jeep Products Exhibition held an event For the 2015 Edition out later.