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"Old Faithful" This 1942 GMC engine is believed to be the last civilian fire engine delivered by GMC prior to ceasing civilian production to focus on the war effort in support of WWII.

Mike Hammer's Mustang, it's not much to look at

he carried around an old parking ticket so no matter where he parked, he wouldn't get another

Wow, either they found a lot of cannonballs, or they ran out of modern major weapons - but someone is resorting to old fashioned cannon

the anti Assad “Rahman Corps” shows a truck mounted, antiquated cannon firing what appears to be actual cannon balls at a Syrian regime position

Allstate to pay $600,000 to the government, not customers, to settle lawsuit over 'Accident Forgiveness' plan... that is not /was not - available in California

In June 2012, Northbrook, Illinois-based Allstate launched a nationwide television ad campaign for auto insurance focused on the consumer benefits of Allstate's "Accident Forgiveness" program. Certain ads were prepared exclusively for the Spanish-speaking community, while the majority of the ads were targeted at a more general audience. Allstate officials estimate that this ad campaign reached 90 percent of the households in California.

Under Proposition 103, the California Department of Insurance prohibits the offering of programs of accident forgiveness in auto insurance policies in California.

California law requires that all advertising must clearly and conspicuously disclose any material facts that viewers need to avoid being misled. Prosecutors alleged that the disclaimers in the Allstate "Accident Forgiveness" ads were unlawful under the advertising disclosure standards of California's false advertising law and Unfair Competition Law, and that the ads convey an overall impression that California consumers would receive the benefit as part of Allstate's car insurance.

The settlement was obtained by the San Diego County District Attorney's Consumer Protection Unit working with the Riverside and Los Angeles District Attorneys' Offices.

the ruins of Detroit, by drone (there seriously is nothing better short of a movie studio crew, for taking awesome video (ps, Santa? I want a Go Pro Karma... jsut saying))

watch them slide, watch them spin

Pontiac Michigan's M1 - a 1.5-mile road course, the first new road course in a major American metro area in more than a half-century.

A private-membership road course that is intended to raise $100 millions worth of “car condo” loft garages, retail, a corporate event center and a restaurant overlooking the track. So far it's cost about 35 million to get it to this point.

The track occupies a manufacturing site that dates to the 1800's. General Motors began building here in 1905 and the facility was finally torn down, in 2008, with GM's bankruptcy. The 87-acre property was bought up when GM hit rock bottom, and cut loose unused GM real estate assets.
Compared with middle-of-nowhere private tracks such as Spring Mountain, an hour North of Las Vegas, the M1 is in the heart of a big city, a 10-minute drive from the area's ritziest suburbs

The track also sits on the north end of Woodward Avenue, home of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise and the 1st concrete roadway in the USA.

The site comprises 87 acres, and is the first new race track built in Michigan in at least 40 years.. Cooper Tire donated 25,000 tires to serve as crash barriers around the track.

The thick, concrete floors are rated for lifts, and buyers can build a mezzanine level to view the track, which can double as man-cave space, or anything else. The garages are heated and cooled, and if you do get a lift installed, it can raise up to that mezzanine level as a display car.

get with the changes, step up your game now and then

now you can't say you haven't been entertained today, the most viewed music video Russia has ever had, Mama Lover, by Serebro

A music video was released on YouTube on 15 September 2011.

 However, the Russian version of the song was released instead of the English version, although the latter was the official single release.

The music video features Elena, Anastasia and Olga driving through Russian streets, through a live-camera-shot based film.

It received some censorship, as it features Olga swearing and Elena showing her underwear, even if it is pixilated.

It is currently Russia's most viewed music video to date, having over 20 million views on YouTube. The video has at times been criticized because of the girls' actions and the presence of condoms, swearing and Olga's careless driving. 

John Hawkinson died without selling his car collection, and here is the last look at the great little collection he had before it was auctioned off

this 1920 Fire Engine is known locally as Samantha, and was returned to the Saranac Lake FD in his will

John “Hawkeye” Hawkinson lived a simple life in a farm house with no running water, no electricity and little insulation.

Widely known as Hawkeye, a nickname give to him by a camp counselor for his accurate aim, as teen he worked summers at Lone Pine Camp, driving and maintaining the 1933 REO Speed Wagon that was used to take the campers on mountain climbing trips.

The story of Hawkeye’s cars is the story of an eccentric collector of “all things beautiful” who shunned his family’s fortune for a simple, solitary life in the Adirondacks. Hawkeye was a master mechanic and an accomplished artist, photographer and writer. He was also a colorful character, perhaps best known locally for driving through Saranac Lake in midwinter with the top down in one of his Packards, wearing a raccoon-skin coat and smoking a corncob pipe.

His grandfather Amos Whitney co-founded the machine tool company Pratt and Whitney

Inside his barns were rows of beautiful 1920s cars, ackards, Buicks, Cadillacs and Pierce Arrows , as well as three American LaFrance fire trucks — one each from Saranac Lake, Lake Placid and Tupper Lake, which he willed back to those fire departments, and had been keeping in good running shape in the meantime. He was working up the Saranac Lake fire engine for the 125th annivesary of the SLFD at the time of his death.

some of the collection were a Packard roadster, a 1919 Mack truck, a 1930 Cadillac V12, two carriages, a sleigh, a 35-foot ladder truck and most vehicles are from the 1920s. Nothing newer than ’31. The oldest one was a 1919 Linn tractor

“Chasing Classic Cars” will focus on Hawkeye’s 1930 Minerva, with a Hibbard and Darrin body,      at 10 p.m. March 7, 2017 on Velocity.

Hawkeye's collection of 43 classic cars have been sold with the proceeds split between the Adirondack Chapter of The Nature Conservancy and the New York Historical Society.

This house was one he had moved to this location, and since it had no electricity, when the coldest winter days came around it wasn't unusual to find it barely warmer inside than out. He once had a diabetic issue, and his life was saved, by the coincidental visit of his former nurse... who is now the managing editor of the Las Vegas Tribune

by the power of Magneto I command you to fly! Now!

Mr Jones and Mr Krempler each had $3000

November banners

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Look at these decked out rigs! Dang, those Canadians are nice! 2016 IEOA Truck Light Convoy and Food Drive, Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016, Victoria Canada

notice, that engine is not a Mopar. Distributor in the wrong location, this must be a Ford 427 with his very very rare MT hemi heads.

possibly the funniest thing you'll read all day: "600 cc sportbikes, if I could get it up the stairs I'd keep it next to my side of the bed."


to say 'you almost wear this bike' would be a hackneyed disservice to the breed. You absorb a 600cc sportsbike into the stuff of your being, and riding one is as endlessly astonishing and enduringly satisfying as having genitalia.

read the fun article at

I'm giving the Drive Tribe a try, if you want to see how, and why, stop on by

If it seems like something you want to give a try, join, and then look at the various tribes/content creators or pages (just exactly like facebook, but without all the kids and relatives that are already nosing in and commenting) that you find cool, and those then get shortcuts right to your page, just like facebook, so you can kick back and read through the feeds from content creators you like... like Clarkson, Hammond, and May for example

My take on it is finally the Top Gear guys had some time between Top Gear, and The Grand Tour, and realized they had the juice to take all the social media startups for gear heads, and make a bigger better forum... do you remember the Garage thing, where you'd post about your car? I don't even remember what the exact name of that was

a 914 was the 1st safety car in F1

This... is a perfect weekend

runner up for worst music video about a car - ever. Yes, the 80's were that stupidly ridiculous in music videos

If you haven't cringed, you haven't watched it to the ballet dancers yet. This really should have caused everyone who directed the video, and planned it, to be fired

they launched the Drive Tribe... a remake of Facebook for gear heads

Mr Norm's and a Super Bee

Floyd DeBore was 16 when he bought this Pontiac had the body worked on, then took it to Larry Watson's... it was finished and photographed and never seen again

the body work was done at Schelhaas Custom Shop, the same shop that did the body work on Watson's "Grapevine"

late 1930s suspension of the Rene Gillet motorcycles