Sunday, May 8, 2016

2015 Maserati Grancabrio Review

·        Can the esteemed luxury sports car brand from Italy, deliver with it latest topless version of the incredible GranTourismo?

·         Rolling through the hills of Bologna, Italy on a sunny 25 degree day, you struggle to understand why you would consider buying any other convertible GT car. I mean, the exhaust note sounds like an Italian symphony, with sculpted bodywork, leather overload and not to mention the high amount of ‘street cred’ and head turning. On my day long trip with the car, I was able to test the cars limits around corners, on wide open roads and on tight bumpy ones. The first thing you notice is the crisp gear changes, that is until you decide to go from 4th to 2ndand plant your right foot! In which case you are smacked in the back of head, as the Ferrari designed V8 propels you to speeds that I cannot mention! Overall, the Maserati doesn’t disappoint except for when it comes to fuel consumption, but that is to be expected. So from my short time with the car, I can give this car a solid 8 out of 10. 1 point being lost for fuel consumption, and another point lost for the fact that it is a soft top, and the continual maintenance of these as the car ages can be tiresome and potentially expensive.

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