Friday, May 13, 2016

The World’s 1st MEGACAR

Forget the supercar, or the hypercar, meet the Megacar. The latest from Christian Von Koenigsegg is the most exclusive production car ever envisaged in the motoring industry.

Simply titled the One:1, this car makes Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s look like push bikes in terms of performance. The cars name comes from the incredible engineering which allows the car to possess the “dream” equation of having one Horsepower for one kilogram. To achieve such an engineering millstone, the car boasts a whole Megawatt of power coming from a Quad-turbocharged 5.0 Litre, aluminium, rear-mounted V8. This car is so unbelievably fast, that it does not boast a 0-100kmh time, but rather a 0-400km/h time, which is a Ludacris 19 seconds! Critics, who have been lucky enough to test the car, have likened it to a jet fighter and even a rocket! Accompanying the powerful engine is a 7-speed dual clutch transmission and an electronic differential which allow the car to glue to road as it corners. Needless to say, it also comes with a boatload of very fancy electronics which work tirelessly just to keep the car on the ground!

Understandably, this car is not for the faint of heart, or even Formula 1 drivers! This remarkable machine is for those who have always wanted to be astronauts, but just couldn’t quite make it to NASA. Of course, if you have a spare $4million AUD, it can also be for you!

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