Friday, December 2, 2016

The restoration of Hemmingway's Chrysler 392 hemi New Yorker deluxe convertible in Cuba

Soul, now a dual citizen, USA and England, is a Hemingway fan who has traveled to Cuba several times and is friends with the museum's administrators. When the restoration project stalled, the result of difficulty obtaining parts due to the longstanding U.S. trade embargo with Cuba, the museum director, Ada Rosa Rosales, called on Soul to intervene.

Although Cuban mechanics are experts at keeping old American cars running, much of their work comes down to improvising repairs and hand-making parts. But proper restorations require original components, impossible to find on the island. Soul contacted a parts supplier in Massachusetts that specializes in classic Chryslers and found that its proprietor is also a Hemingway enthusiast. Parts problem seemingly solved.

However, despite Soul's best efforts, some parts have been delayed due to customs snags, while others, like a fuel tank, have proven difficult to locate. The plan had been to debut the hour-long film this June in time for the 14th Hemingway Colloquium in Havana, but the delays will result in a later release.

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