Friday, December 2, 2016

that normally fun website, the Drive, posted they had a video of a Camaro at Spring Mountain, when actually, it's a Corvette at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Seems the mistake will stay online til they Monday when they return from the weekend

They are saying this video " Camaro at Nevada's Spring Mountain " with these stills:

and with all those trees, is Spring Mountain, Nevada.

Below is a video that actually WAS filmed at Spring Mountain, to show you what it really looks like

here are a couple of photos I took there in 2013

See what I mean? Lots of Nevada desert, nothing like that forest they had the Camaro in. These are photos at the Spring Mountain race track which hosted the Optima Challenge.

Talk about not paying attention. Here is a satellite photo image, to show you there are no lawns, grass, trees, etc. Lots of rock, sand, and gravel though when you are actually there.

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